HPAC would not exist if it was not 
for our loyal volunteers.  
Your effort will allow us to meet 
our goals as we can't do all of them on our own.


We always appreciate the time you put in as a volunteer.  HPAC could not exist if it was not for our loyal volunteers.  Your effort will allow us to meet our goals as we can't do all of them on our own.  Whether you take a large or small part in the opportunities listed - - you are needed! 

To volunteer for any of these opportunities or to make a suggestion for the list, please contact us at 615-826-6037 or complete the volunteer form.


Love the saxophone?  Great at the piano?  We need you!

Usher or Concession Stand Worker
Learn the workings of the theatre by supporting the arts in this way.

Love to sew?  Like to paint everything in sight?  Help us create our wonderful costumes and stage props that make our productions so fantastic!

Informational Outreach

Corporate, school or other organizations - - help us reach out to the community to let them know about our events and productions.  This could include assistance with calling people, hanging up production flyers or promoting our upcoming show and its discounts to schools, clubs and/or groups. Add a promotional ad or write-up in your newsletter or on the back of your school/business menu or on a bulletin board.  Let's get creative!

Office Volunteers

Assist with preparing mailers, phone coverage or filing - an hour or two a week would be very helpful.  You could also help with the creation of email newsletters and broadcast messages as well as setup the group mail list. 

Tell A Friend

This is the most basic way that you can support Hendersonville Performing Arts Company, formerly Steeple Players Theatre.  Simply tell a friend about us or invite them to go to a performance.  A gift of a couple of tickets to an event would be a reasonable, unusual and very pleasing gift.