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Jesus Christ Superstar Cast List

Directed by Robert Pitt and Kym Sims

Music Direction by James Story

Choreography by Bakari Jamal King

 Cast List

Jesus                                     Steven Sorrell

Judas                                      Jamie Carfi

Mary Magdalene                     Natalie Klein Hudson

Pilate                                       Robert Pitt

Herod                                      Darrell Pace

Caiaphas                                 Matt Newbill

Annas                                      Sheldon McMurtry

Simon                                      Marsalis Turner

Peter                                        Sumner McMurtry

Soul Girls/Rebel Soldiers        Loren Echols, Andrea Campbell

Kristen Pivahouse

Apostles/Ensemble,etc.          Mike Dominguez,

Nathaniel Hulme, Seth Brown,

Winnie Combs, Christian Bare

Lane Williamson, McAley Lannom,

Avery Stenzel, Suzette Williamson,

Loren Echols, Andrea Campbell,

Kristen Pivahouse, Jack Yatzo,

William Street, Joe James,

Joe McQuiston, Tristan Pitt